Do you want to verify user identities?

Below are just a couple of examples for which you can use zkportal. Do you want to check your user's identities through our simple API? Whether for legal purposes, democratic voting and airdropping, or even account recovery, we got you covered. Reach out to us to join the private beta at

DAOs on Snapshot

Are you a DAO and do you want to enable 1 person 1 vote? Simply enable the zkPortal strategy in the settings of your Snapshot space and use it for your proposal. All that is left, is for your DAO members to prove their uniqueness, see the instructions here!

Until the strategy is ready for use, you can already choose the api-post strategy and point it to

One Person One Airdrop

If you want to have a fair airdrop or just make sure that your drop is really distributed to real people and not bots, with our easy to use interface you can make sure that you have a fair airdrop to your users.