Airdrop Demo

To demonstrate how we can prove whether or not a user is unique we created a simple Airdrop demo. Please visit in order to apply for our test Airdrop - each unique user is guaranteed to only be eligible once!

Go ahead and try to hack us 🙀

How it works

Lets say you want to register an Airdrop with us: what we need from you is a unique name for your Airdrop as well as an expiry date. We will register in our backend everytime you are handing out an Airdrop. So lets say you want to send an Airdrop to ethereum address 0x1234abcd, first you check with our backend if we know this address (that means your user needs to first register his/her ethereum address of course in our App). If we give you the go ahead that we know the user and you have not send them yet an Airdrop we give you the 👍. If the user tries now to cheat the system and register a new address with us, we will happily do that but if you ask us again if you should provide that "apparent" new user with an Airdrop we will send you a 👎. That is because in the backend we are matching ethereum addresses to unique users and that match allows us to identify users even if they are using multiple addresses (which one should of course have) but not allow multiple Airdrops. Also, as we link to real identities bots are caught right away 💀.

Verify users for your own Airdrop

Do you want to verify user's uniqueness using zkPortal? Check out our documentation here!