Enough of KYC

The ultimate identity verification tool

Bringing personal data to web3 in a trust-minimised and private way: preventing sybil attacks, enabling 1P1V and helping DeFi to stay compliant.

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zkPortal provides a proof of your registration with for example a centralized crypto exchange. This is a simple procedure which makes it possible to onboard 10,000 or even 100,000 people within minutes. Besides, you can start using zkPortal for free.

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For your users

Privacy preserving

No more need to share passport information and no more need to rely on public reputation tools. By only sharing a proof of your registration with for example a digital identity provider or a leading centralized crypto exchange, your users will be able to identify themselves!

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Use cases

The applications of zkPortal are endless. Here we provide some examples.


Democratizing DAOs

ZKportal makes it possible to further democratize DAOs. It enables DAOs to move away from a plutocratic token-based voting system to a 1-person-1-vote governance system. zkPortal is the only solution that can help DAOs achieve this goal without having to share any private information.


A fairly distributed token launch for IDO platforms

By making use of zkPortal, IDO platforms can launch an airdrop in a fairly distributed way, making sure that only unique users will receive the content of the airdrop. It prevents fraud in a seamless, privacy preserving way.


Compliance with KYC regulations

With even the DeFi space getting into the scope of legislators, decentralized crypto exchanges and NFT platforms will need to prepare for KYC processes. The EU MiCA legislation is a good example, but the application of VAT to NFTs is also coming to various countries around the world. zkPortal offers an on-chain, privacy preserving solution to these challenges.

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